Low-energy lightbulbs linked to migraines

Those who are worried about their loved ones health should make certain their lightbulbs aren’t low energy, based on new information, which indicates they might cause crippling migraines.

Ms Lee Tomkins, director at national charitable organisation Migraine Action, stated that low-energy light sources may cause the ultimate head aches and changing this can assistance to steer clear of the problem.

“It verifies several things we already understood, including the truth that light can exacerbate discomfort inside a migraine attack which migrane sufferers are usually responsive to nowhere light waves within the light spectrum,” she mentioned.

The expert added that further research in to the link between low-energy light sources and migraines must be done this a potential treatment could be developed.

Wales’ chief medical officer, Dr Tony Jewell, lately launched a study which mentioned that just five percent from the Welsh health finances are allocated to preventative health measures, which equals just £94 per citizen each year.

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