Why Candis magazine is so popular amongst women in the UK

Candis is a magazine which is aimed at women around the country who are in their thirties, forties and fifties. Traditionally, Candis Magazine has been ordered and distributed via mail. Women purchase our publication not only because it features the latest topics, but also because Candis regularly donates a percentage of its total profits to charitable organisations. Subscribers love the idea of being able read about subjects which are relevant to them – like fashion, love and health – whilst knowing that the some of the money they have paid will be going towards good causes. This is why so many women are now choosing Candis as their magazine of choice – they can help others, and still enjoy fashion tips, beauty articles and celebrity interviews.

We at Candis host an event called ‘The Big Give’ every year; by doing so, we help to raise money for several different charitable organisations which are based in the UK, such as Sense, Mind and Marie Curie. During their charity collection at Christmas last year, our team at Candis managed to successfully raise more than one million pounds for charity. Each of the charities that the money was donated to had nominated their own previously-agreed upon projects. For instance, the £100,000 which was donated by Candis to the charity, ‘Eve Appeal’ was used to establish a new research study for ovarian cancer screening for women believed to be at risk, whilst FSID used their donation to set up a helpline for grieving parents. All of the women who subscribe to and read Candis Magazine can help to support more charitable causes this coming year.


Published on a monthly basis, Candis Magazine offers a wide range of engaging, informative articles for women who are nearing or have already reached middle age – a period of one’s life when it becomes even more important to look and feel good, but when family issues often take priority over your own health. Women in this particular age category will find that Candis is filled with plenty of advice on beauty, fashion and life, along with many coupons and competitions which can boost their budgets and help them to manage their money better. These coupons can be obtained in every edition of Candis magazine; however those who become members of the Candis Club can avail of larger benefits, and save money on days out, holidays abroad and travel insurance.

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